Friday, March 30, 2007

First ever blog posting

Well hello to whoever is reading this posting, and thank you for viewing my blog. This is my first ever message to you and whoever else is behind you. I hope to write alot of truthful stories on this blog, along with some of my hopes and dreams for the futures, my fears of everything great and small, just about everything I can think of. This will be my way of communicating to some people, and hopefully thru this site they may learn more about me. I plan to have specific sections for some of my stories, and as I said, they will be 100% truthful (unless I say otherwise). Geez, I sound like some professional dude, that's not cool. Not that I have anything against professional people, its just not like me. Anyways, this is the beginning of something beautiful (hopefully), so please check it out every once in a while if you have time or something like that.