Sunday, January 20, 2008

School Update

Well, an eventual semester has past, as has a two week module in January. As of right now I am getting mentally prepared to go on FMP, which is Freshman Ministry Practicum. This is the first of its kind in Nipawin, and it is a downsized version of the OMP course here. We will have preparation on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before leaving for our destinations in the afternoon on Wednesday. I am heading to Timber Bay Bible Center for a week with seven others, and this is including a supervisor/person-who-makes-sure-we-don't-kill-each-other type of person. The group consists of myself, Donna, Angela, Nicole, Jon Z. and Josh. Oh, and we have Amy (that's Donna's sister) as our responsible person.
Other groups are travelling to Big River, Kinistin and Regina Urban Center. Each group has different things that they will be doing, so each will present it's unique challenges. It'll be a great learning experience at the least, and while I'm in Timber Bay I'll see my sister Klara. We will be getting back exactly a week after we leave, so January 30th I believe. Any prayers will be appreciated.