Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Death in the Family

Now that I am more or less over my mourning period I think I am strong enough to write about how my granny passed away two weeks ago. It came as quite a shock to me, and I would have liked to be with her when she died. However, I was at Bible school here in Nipawin doing homework on the weekend. I got the message from my RD (Resident Dean) Matt on the Saturday before last (look at the date and figure it out because I have no clue what day it would have been). It came as quite a shock to me, but I was lucky enough to have great friends here in Nipawin who supported me throughout this difficult time.
Now Granny Nesbitt was a great car to me. I had her for a while, I think I actually got her before I was in grade 11. She wasn't the greatest looking car in the world but she still had alot of spunk in her and was one tough nut to crack.
Me and my granny went through alot of big, important times together. We completed my drivers test together, and she faithfully got me to work and back everyday. We weren't without times of trouble however.
I remember when I was driving home one night and as I came over the second last hill on our road a shadowy figure bolted in front of me. I slammed on granny's brakes too late and heard a slight thud as the deer struck the drivers side light. Granny managed to escape with a slightly damaged hood and a popped out drivers light.
Granny also got shot once. I couldn't believe it when I saw a .22 calibre bullet hole in my passenger side door (front door that is). My dad managed to smooth it out and make it good again, but that gave me quite a scare.
We also hit the ditch once, um...twice actually. The first time was natures fault as I was driving home from my cousins and the road was very icy at the intersection. As I tried to turn and go home the ice worked against me and threw me into the ditch. Luckily a couple of very generous people pulled me out and we were on our way without any damage to Granny Nesbitt.
The other time I went into the ditch Granny wasn't as lucky. I don't know what possessed me to drive in reverse but I decided to back up a distance down our road so that I could get to a better spot to turn around (I forgot money I desperately needed). I lost control and my car flew into the ditch and bashed up Granny something horrible. I mean knocking over two good sized trees and escaping alive is quite an accomplishment for a car, so she's lucky in that sense. Her drivers door was dented and axle bent, plastic ripped apart and her muffler was kinda bashed. However, my dad fixed her up good and she came here with me.
The run in with the trees must have made her weak as I lent her out about two weeks ago to a fellow freshman that we will call Austin. Austin wanted to go and see his girlfriend in Saskatoon and I thought this was a cause in which Granny could help in so she went with Austin for a moderately long drive. On the way back Saturday Granny Nesbitt had a fatal "heart attack" and died on that dark and lonely stretch of road outside Saskatoon.
Now I plan a funeral when I get home in November for her, the last time I will see my beloved Granny. However, all is not lost with me. My grizzled truck Glenn is ready to get me back to Nipawin in November, and I think that he will get the job done great. However, Glenn is no Granny Nesbitt, and I think that he will ever replace her (although he'll be a better hunting companion).

Saturday, October 13, 2007

To my Love...

I am in a secret relationship. Yes, most of you may have known this or had some sort of premonition about it, actually alot of you probably did. It has been going on for over a year, and it started innocently enough. I first fell in love with her, well, pretty much randomly. Since that day I have had eyes for no other, my love is pure for her. I am led to believe that she feels the same about me as well because she is with me whenever I am home.
Now I suppose that you are getting curious as to the name of my mystery love. Well, I suppose I should tell you her name just to satisfy your curiousity. Her name is Olga.
Olga was born during the Great War, somewhere around 1917. She originally came from Great Britain before emigrating to Canada sometime. Yes, she may be old and past her prime, but she still has life in her left. Now before you think I'm some sort of freaky pedophile, Olga is a gun. Yup, Olga is my Lee Enfield.
I bought Olga last winter from a friend of my dads last year. Now this wasn't against Olga's consent and it definately wasn't anything like a mail order bride. No, this was more like a Native American ritual where the husband would give his wife's parents some gifts for letting him marry their daughter. That is more or less what I did.
We went on our first outing in mid-November during hunting season. Even though we didn't get anything it was an exciting experience for both of us, just us outside in the wild. Since then we have been through alot together, everything from bear hunting to gopher hunting. This is definately love. But now Olga wants her brother, Fritz (who is a Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine) to come live with us. Women.......