Sunday, September 16, 2007

D-Day plus 2

Well, it is my first full day in Nipawin and it has been fairly good. I slept well last night, but when I woke up there was about 100 flies buzzing around in my room. Oh well, they'll all die pretty soon, hahaha.
My roomates name is Matt for Port St. John, British Columbia. This is his first year at Nipawin, so we both are winging it right now.
As I type this out I am in "laptop central", which is the lounge underneath the dining hall. I see 6 more laptops besides mine in this area, which is alot more than I thought there would ever be. I guess people are more modern than I figured.
When I got here yesterday I quickly unpacked my car with Rachel's help. Ya, Rachel came with a girl named Donna and her family. Surprised me, I would have hugged her too but she called me names. We ate, played games and got introduced to the staff and students here.
I plan to take pictures of some of the people that I met so far but haven't got around to it so far. Once I get to the dorm again I'll see if people will allow me to snap a photo or two cuz I hate to resort to threats and stuff.
There is only one thing wrong with life so far at Nipawin: I might have got pinkeye from a another student. Not that my eye is pink and puffy yet, but it is ichy and I was hanging around with him yesterday. If I do get it it will be simple enough to treat, and no I won't hate Andrew if it did transfer to me. Oh by the way Andrew is the kid that has pinkeye, he is a cool guy. That and he's a child of one of the teachers so I better not get him mad or his dad might fail me.
Well, that's about all with me so far, I mean I have a life and can't spend it in front of a computer all day, so I guess I'll leave for right now.

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