Monday, May 21, 2007

Impossible Problems

I have a problem. It isn't one of these do-or-die problems, but it still is a "pesky" question. I know, I hate those things too, that's why I call it a pesky problem.
Now this problem has harassed me for a long while, stupid thing. My problem is....I am unsure of myself.
"Wow," I hear you say, "I know what he means dude. I hate that too." Yes sir, or yes'm depending on your gender, I feel for you. It truly is agonizing, a pain in your mind. But is your problem the same as mine?
I am unsure about many things. I don't know how I will like life after school is over. Will I love the freedom I will be given, or will I merely turn into a wreck?
Will I be too busy in the summer and have to cut back on my workload?
Will I miss my friends when I am gone, or will I replace them and forget about them?
Do I like someone as a friend or as something more?
Will someone sign into MSN in the next minute?
You see, these are just some examples of my "pesky" problems. I need to become clear-headed, but it isn't like I can just go out and buy a wisdom pill. Wouldn't that be neat though? Anyway, I can pray, which I do anyway, and despite you may think I believe it works. But some of these things have been bugging me for a long time and they are frankly angering me. I will deal with them no doubt, and maybe I should ask others what they think I should do. But I think I will go and try to sort out some of these problems now.

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