Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fear tastes like hair

Well, I did it. No, I didn't rob a bank or get a girlfriend, nothing that extreme. I did, however, ride a horse.
OK, big deal, right? I know what you are thinking, "Everyone has ridden a horse, and now this knucklehead is writing about it being so amazing and stuff. I should quit reading this crap." Well, don't stop reading this blog, otherwise I'll hunt you down and....and.....well, hunt you down.
Anywho, back to this horse thing. I actually have ridden one before, but it was so long ago I can barely remember it. However, I must confess something: I am afraid of horses.
Yes, the impenetrable Jeremy Loseth is afraid of something. Ohhh, lets harass him now, maybe it will make us feel better. Ya, right, just remember what goes around comes around.
Right, where was I before you distracted me? Oh ya, the riding experience. Well, a good friend of mine got a horse, and she wanted me to ride it. Now I had dug myself this grave a long time ago, like a year or so. I promised to ride her future horse, as I didn't really think that she would get one while I was still at home. So I agreed, secretly smirking to myself because I thought I had just outsmarted her. Man was I ever wrong.
Well, it was Sunday and again she had been complaining about her father not giving in to her whining and begging for a horse. However, mere hours after this, she comes to the Esso and tells me that she got a horse. Well, I was gobsmacked. I smiled weakly and told her I was happy, my heart in my lower intestine as I knew the comment that would follow. Looking straight at me, Linsay smiled and said "Now you have to come and ride him."
I agreed and went home. Now I was flustered. Why, why did this happen to me? Why couldn't her dad wait 4 more months? If he wasn't such a tough guy, and my friends dad, I probably would have done....nothing.
Now I managed to put it off for a little while despite her and her friends harassing me. I had to work some nights and hunt others. But then came Thursday, and I had no excuse. I agreed to go over with my brother and ride it.
Well, the horse wasn't quite as big or as stinky as I imagined it was going to be. Needless to say, I was still scared, but felt a wee bit better. Linsay started to get the saddle and stuff ready as me and my brother were put to work brushing off the horse. However, the wind picked up and me and Derek offered to humbly leave and ride another day. Like that was going to work.
Well, she promptly took off the blanket and told me to get on. I must have looked absolutely horrified because she stifled a laugh and told me again. After some prodding, I got on and she led me around, trying to discreetly throw me off balance so I could be laughed at. Unfortunately for her, I have cat-like reflexes and stayed on. Derek got on and nearly cried, but survived the short walk.
Anyways, as I sit at home I have a urge to go back there and ride the horse again, this time with a saddle. It was actually kinda fun, and I am slowly getting hooked. I bet by the time summer is over I will be completely hooked, and then I will have a horrific withdrawal period at Nipawin.
Anywho, I faced my fear this week, and it felt good. Maybe you should do the same.

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