Saturday, May 26, 2007

Countdown to grad

Well, graduation is almost here and I suppose that normal people are supposed to be getting nervous. However, I am not normal, therefore I am not nervous. I will get nervous about three hours before the ceremonies, and once I get on stage I will be perfectly fine. However, I should describe some of my graduation preparations with you.
My suit, oh man, it is the bomb. That is a good thing for you old, un-hip people. Anyway, it is made up of.......duct tape. No lies, my sister is a genius. Of course the suit was my idea, but she designed it and created it. Amazing, eh? Ya, and it is red and blue. Deadly, huh?
It is hard to walk around in, however, and is extremely hot. I just might die on stage. Either way I am sure to make news headlines in Debden and the local communities.
After grad I suppose I will come home, sit up all night drinking pop and eating s'mores, and then sleeping for a few hours. Then its off to some of my classmates barbeque's, and back home. Sleep some more, go to church, and then my barbecue begins. Yes, it is sure to be a nutty weekend. I shall tell more once the ceremonies are done, if I survive that is.

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Anonymous said...

You haven't posted anything about grad although I'm sure you must have survived or we would have heard by now! We were sorry to miss your party on Sunday, but were committed to a 100th birthday party.

Anyway, Carmen emailed me that I had to check out your blog. She said you seem to have a bit of Ray in you. She's right. I usually read blogs(and enjoy them) but don't leave comments, but I had to tell you that this last 20 minutes or so reading your posts has been hugely entertaining. God has given you a real gift and I'm glad you're using it. Keep it up.

Aunt Shirley