Monday, June 11, 2007


I understand that there has been tons of stories and articles written about girls and why they behave the way they do. Now I am about to give a view of girls from my own perspective, which doesn't mean it is right. Bear with me as I venture into the untamed world of the female.
Women, and I think that all of us can agree about this, are confusing. They have a mystic sense about them that males do not have, a mysterious veil surrounding their being. For a normal boy like me, this is both fascinating and extremely confusing. It is almost like girls have a power that draws a guy in, like a moth to a bright light.
One of the first things I have noticed about girls is that most of them will have a small core of close friends that are pretty much sisters to them. Sure, guys have close friends too, but we don't sleep in the same bed with each other or do each others nails. We fight and play sports together, both of which most girls wouldn't do with their friends. Oh I know that there are alot of girls that would fight with their friends and play sports with each other, but it just isn't as common. And on the other side, I don't know any guys who do each others nails or stuff like that.
This nucleus of friends a girl has are usually extremely flexible and supportive. If one of the members of the group has just got a new boyfriend, they all huddle together and giggle alot. If the boyfriend has just left one of the girls, they get into a huddle and cry or mean-mouth the unfortunate soul. This makes the girl feel better and get over the horrific experience much faster. In comparison, a guy might phone up his best friend, talk all tough and tell the friend it was for the best, and then break down and sulk for a long time.
I have also observed that girls tend to toy with a guys feelings. Not that this has necessarily happened to me, but I have seen it done. This can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how far they take it. A guy isn't all unfeeling, he just can hide his emotions alot easier than most girls. Don't get me wrong, I know guys who are very emotional and girls who seem to be emotionless. However, on average a guy is less public with his feelings.
Now back to the toying business. If a girl is interested in a guy, she has two main approaches. She could go straight up to the guy and ask him out, which is quite rare. The other way is she sits back and leaves hints that she likes the guy, either by flirting gently or having her friends "accidentally" say something about her crush. The guy, if he is interested, may then make his move.
However, if a girl toys with a guys emotions and doesn't tell him that she likes him, or denies it, she may hurt the guys feelings. This would take alot of toying though, so it is quite unlikely.
Girls supposedly also expect to have guy make the move. Now then, this can bring up an interesting dilemma. Some guys are shy or something, and they don't feel right making the first move. Stupidity, right? I guess so, because if he really wanted the girl he would pursue the opportunity.
Women want to be pursued, to be fought over. Guys shouldn't make the mistake of expecting to steal a girls heart without working for it. A girl wants to know that she is gorgeous, that she is worth fighting for. I didn't know what this meant until a week ago, and I wish I would have know that years ago. Would have been nice, but from this point and time I will try harder to be the man I am required to be.
I think that I am also right in saying that most girls don't want guys that are passive or unadventurous. Women want a dangerous guy, a warrior, a heroic figure. This doesn't mean that a skinny, weak guy like me has no chance. We just have to rely on our character, something that is much more important than looks. But do you know why a woman wants a heroic figure? It's because since they have been small lasses they have dreamed of a Prince Charming carrying her away into the sunset.
For the guys reading this blog, telling a girl they are lovely or stunning does two things. One, it makes you feel good about yourself, and about the friendship/relationship you share with them. It also will make the lady feel really good. You'll notice a change instantly, stress will disappear and a shudder of joy will run throughout there body. A light will come to their eye, a glow in their skin. This is what will make you (the guy) feel good about yourself.
In closing, let me say something that I agree with from a great book I am currently reading. The book is called "Wild At Heart" for those curious, and I highly recommend it. But in the book it mentions how when God started to create all living things, he started off with creatures of the sea and then animals of the air. He then went to land animals, making many different kinds. The he made Man to rule over the animals. Adam was his greatest achievement up to date. Then he topped it all off with a Woman. Eve was God's last great creation, the most beautiful of all creations. Did you see a pattern at all? He kept making more beautiful, wondrous creations every time. From fish to eagles to lions to man to woman. So guys, women are the peak of creation. Start treating them like it. And women, never accept anything less.


Phil L said...

Hey, after 50 years of living, including 20 years of marriage, I'm still trying to figure out girls. May I borrow that book when you're finished with it?

Anonymous said...

Hurray Jeremy!!!Pass this last bit of wisdom on to every male that you know. Auntie Wanda

Anonymous said...

amazing amazingness that i found out this summer myself... about creation that is. Anyway you'll be meeting me in... one week and two days. Yes, i'll be in Nipawin too, for my first year of bible school. Crazy hey? too bad i'm remaining anonymous;)