Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So soon...

Well, one week left of classes, and then four days of exams, and then I'm done high school forever. Well, done if I pass all my classes.
What will I be doing in the summer? Well, so far the plans are to work two jobs for July and August. I am staying at the Esso for as far as I know, and then I am going back to work with a local carpenter for a second go round. I worked part time with him last year, and although it was certainly something I don't want to do for the rest of my life, it could be alot worse. It wasn't really bad, just hard work, which is good for me. Anyway, I believe I will get one day off a week for summer, maybe slightly more in August since the carpenter is a farmer as well. I won't be bored anyway.
What about after this? Well, I suppose I'll take two or three weeks off before I go to Nipawin Bible College, just so I can get everything organized.
I also plan to visit a few people before I leave, like my sister in her camp and maybe my cousin and friend at their respected camps.
Then it is off to NBC, an exciting yet scary thing. I know I'll make new friends and develop a better relationship with God, which is the purpose of going. I won't ever be bored as it is a college and it's alot of hard work. I also plan to play sports there, so I can keep my physique as wonderful as it is now. Maybe I'll actually become tougher, if that's possible.
And Bible School isn't a boring place like most people view it. I have heard stories about NBC that twould make a streaker shake his head. Or maybe he'd head straight for the school, who really knows?
But I shall continue to work towards staying on the straight and narrow path that leads to safety, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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