Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Long Haul

Another interesting day in my life. As I was outside cutting grass by myself, just being the good kind of son that I am, I got a phone-call. Of course, I can't hear the phone because I am outside and I am sitting on top of a huge lawnmower. Well, she must have called our neighbours next because as I was ripping around the spinning swing thing at the back of the house, Linda came into view around the corner. I nearly died of fright as I was home alone and I wasn't expecting anyone to be around.
Anyways, she came over to tell me that my mom was trying to get ahold of me. "Ohhh, big deal" I said, "she can wait until I'm done". However, Linda then tells me that mom broke down in the city, and she needed me to come and get her. I went and parked the lawnmower, went inside to pretty myself up a bit, then I hopped in my car and headed off into Prince Albert.
After I got in, I had to try to find my auntie and uncle's house. "No problem" I thought, just turn down that one street that mom told me go down. About 30 minutes later I found the house, which was supposedly there when I drove by it the first time. Quite frankly I don't believe it, but that's the story they are sticking to.
So I walk into the house, and was confronted immediately by mom. She told me to give me my keys and go home with the tow truck driver. "Great" I thought to myself, "I drive 1 hour to the city, spend 30 minutes trying to find an invisible house and then go home with some dude I don't know". Good grief, eh?
However, I hopped into the tow truck and spent another hour in a noisy truck with a silent driver. When we got home he put the car right into the shop, must be a veteran. Of course, there is no rest for the weary, I got straight back on the lawnmower and cut for another hour or so.
As of right now we still have no clue what in the world is wrong that car, stupid Jetta's, foreign rice burners they are. Get a good North American vehicle, it will last a lot longer.

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Uncle Phil said...

Do Jettas really burn rice?

(BTW our house isn't invisible)