Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tragic Turn

It was bound to happen: my car died on me. I know, I'm hurt deeply by it too. Granny's belts slipped up and she couldn't turn, nearly took me with her. As I write this my father is operating on her, trying to get her in running condition so I can get to work. It'll be close.
Me and Granny have shared many memories together, from taking relaxing drives in the country to hunting gophers through rough fields. She's even been shot (no lies). One tough car.
Now I don't know if she's giving up because of the fact that I got a small but burly truck to eventually replace her, or if she just couldn't take the heat. Either way I would dread to see her go this way.
It happened yesterday when I was driving home from Morin Lake. I smelt something burning, so I turned off my air contitioning, and it went away. I turned it on once I hit highway again, merely 5 miles form our house. As I slowed to turn into our approach, I realized that it was extremely hard to turn. I literally threw all my muscle into getting it turned halfway, barrely making the corner. Once I got home I parked her near the shop, and leapt out of the drivers seat, desperate to save my Granny's life. Even with my limited knowledge I knew something was wrong when I saw belts hanging from her underbelly.
Well, there is my story, and I hope she gets better fast. I hope you all feel the same way.

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Auntie Shirley said...

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. May Granny rest in peace, unless my talented brother works his magic and resurrects her, in which case....long live Granny!