Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Musical Poison?

OK, so there has been a very heated debate about Christian music. It seems to people that there should only be a certain type of music that should be accepted or a certain type of music that is "right". I have a problem with this, and I am about to express it.
It seems to me that alot of people (and I do mean alot) are musically prejudice. The don't look at all the factors and don't give alot of music a chance.
For instance, take the type of music known as "screamo". This is actually what was the deciding factor for me in writing this blog. People readily shun it, and I really mean that. They jeer and call down those who listen to it, sorta like they think that they are inferior. Christians are just as bad for this as anyone else, if not worse. I have noticed that alot of Christians are very close minded, very conservative. When you say "Christian music" most people will think country gospel or some light rock group. Ask them to mention Christian groups and names like Jeremy Camp, Jars of Clay, or Johnny Cash. Mainly country or gospel groups, right? Yes, you might have some heavier rock groups come up, something along the lines of Skillet or Kutless. But what if I was to say that I believe screamo bands like Underoath, As I Lay Dying and Maylene and the Son's of Disaster should be mentioned with all these gospel singers? If this doesn't shock you, listen to a short clip of a your favorite gospel song and then listen to a clip from one of the previously mentioned bands. This may raise eyebrows.
Now I know some people that would form a mob and threaten to lynch me just for mentioning screamo and gospel in the same sentence. These same people would argue that even Christian's singing this "devil's music" are horrible. Well, let me argue my point for a minute.
I believe this music situation could be put in a simpler term, as I have rambled on randomly. Now let me ask you a simpler question: Do you believe that the Bible should only be printed in a select few languages, or should it be printed in as many languages as it can be? It should be printed in many languages so that the Word can be spread, right?
Same situation in music if you can believe it. People have different tastes in music, just like different people speak different languages.
So, you get what I'm talking about? Christian screamo is not only acceptable, it is needed. So quit complaining about this music, it is extremely useful.


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Phil L said...

Hey Jeremy, this sounds a lot like some (heated) discussions that I used to have with my mom (your grandma) more than 30 years ago. Back then no-one had dreamed of screamo (or even emo), but Larry Norman was putting out some pretty shocking music, like his rocker "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music". I won't pretend that I enjoy screamo (I don't), but I don't doubt that God can use it to reach people. Maybe it can even be used by God as much as Larry Norman's classics (as hard as that is for me to comprehend), or the greatest hits of your grandma's favorite artist, Pastor R. Norheim.