Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Heading in a New Direction

A recent debate has once again surfaced in my household: hair. This time, however, it is not only my hairstyle. Rachel and Derek are both planning a major difference in the way they will look. They are both planning for dreads in the spring.
Wow, quite a shock, isn't it? Ya, took me by surprise too. Derek has had his shag for.....well, a very long time. Rachel usually has the same style of hair (from my view point anyway). And all of a sudden they both decide to go and get dreads? Cool, but kinda random.
However, they are both planning to get them done professionally, which is probably for the better. But there are two problems that I find with this.
The first problem is the time it takes. I heard, and mind you this is only what I heard, that this process takes 6-8 hours. A waste of a day if you ask me. But I suppose if you compare it to the 3 months minimum it takes to do it naturally, it is well worth it. At least they wouldn't have to put up with the greasy, string-like hair for ages.
The other problem is the money. I have absolutely no clue how much it takes to get this process done, but I imagine that it isn't cheap.
This being said, I think that they would both look pretty sweet when it would be all said and done. But I prefer to go the other way completely: bald.
I loved the short time that I was bald. I didn't have the hassle of combing my hair, washing it, drying it or it getting in my eyes and ears. It was colder for sure, but sacrifices must be made. It also took a while to shave it everyday, but I worked it into my schedule easily enough. Now I think that I will go bald again, hopefully by the end of this week. This decision is to the chagrin of my parents and siblings, along with most of my friends. But I'm heading to a place where no one knows me, and they will not know the real me. For all they know I would have been bald all my life.


Anonymous said...

Bald is better then dreads.
Auntie Wanda

Anonymous said...

Bald isn't such a problem, but the curls around the ears and the back were rather nice! but that said, I also have to take the credit/blame for the mohawk you have at the moment!

Anonymous said...

I've met you before so i know what you look like with hair. Also your picture is in the staff lounge so they all know now. However none of your peers would have met you. Well maybe that Donna Mackenzie. eheheh.....enrollment director knows all!!!!!!

See you soon and say hi to Rachel for me.