Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blue Mountain

Do you know how I'd love to spend my days off? Paintballing. Now I can't say that I'm a pro paintballer as I have gone a mere two times, both to the same place. And where did I go paintballing? Read the title and you'll find out.
Blue Mountain is more than a paintball course, it is an amusement center. There is wall climbing, zip lines and a whole lot more. It is really alot of fun. Anyway, I didn't do too much but paintball anyway, so I guess I'll be forced to tell you those stories.
The first time was rather boring, not enough people were there to make it interesting. But the second time I went, which was with the Shell Lake School classes 7/8/9, I had the best time of my life.
The first round was slow, a capture the flag type of game. The course was small and frantic, and I prefer the bigger places so I can run around and have more room to shoot. I got my wish on the second round.
The second round took place in a very large place. There was two foxholes where about 3 people could hide, and the main trench had room for about 6 or 7 people. The trenches overlooked a small bush that went around to the right of the trenches, and the left was another bushy area. The center was littered with things to hide behind, like a fridge and barrels. Anyways, I started up top and went into the far right trench overlooking the bushy area. I wasn't there alone of course, I had three other guys with me; Andrew, Morgan and Jesse. Now we couldn't really fit in there so well, so we kinda laid as flat as we could around it when there was no action.
A couple of minutes into the game I saw 2 people walking into the bush at the bottom of the hill. We opened fire but the range was too great and it was hard for us to hit them, but we bravely shot on. I could see the other trenches being peppered and occasionally the assailants would open up at us, but we held our ground well. When we turned back after a diversionary attack from the center, we could only see one of the two guys we had been shooting at. We fired when he got into a clearing, and we managed to shot him in the head. However, the far left trench was taken over and the center trench was hard pressed, so we were kinda alone. We sent Andrew and Jesse into the bush to see of they could find the second guy, and soon me and Morgan were alone. I fired a few rounds at some hiding dudes, but was unable to hit them. As I began to load a few more paintballs into my gun Morgan screamed and clutched the back of his head. The second guy was behind us, and I was next! I stared at him and prepared for a shot to the chest (seeing how that was the largest target), and just he was pulling the trigger the whistle blew. Time up, so we managed to hold them off in one trench, with me being the lone survivor.
The next round we were at the bottom of the hill, and when the whistle blew I shot up the left side as fast as I could. I dove into some cover and fired a few rounds, then my gun did the most horrid thing. It jammed. Yup, I was now defenceless and alone. I quickly ran up to the instructor guy and he fixed my gun in about 2 seconds, which made me think I was unworthy to play. However, I quickly ran back to the starting position and started the climb once more, passing some teammates who were climbing the center. I set my sites on the center trench which was pounding our boys and girls senseless. The left trench was gone, nobody left to defend it, so I got a little closer but kept to the trees. I saw heads popping up for a couple of seconds at a time, then disappearing quickly. I aimed for where I thought the next head would protrude, and my patience paid off. Two heads popped up and I unleashed a fury upon them, firing as fast as my finger could tap the trigger. Both people screamed and ran off to the area where the "wounded" went, and I thought I might have this situation turned around. I was pumped, I had saved the day! I single-handedly turned the tide of the battle, and now there was only a handful left. My cockiness nearly killed me.
I began to get up to jump into the empty left trench when I saw a gun pointed at me. I dove just in time and saw the tree that saved my life having the sap kicked out of it. I sheltered my head and waited for a ball to strike me anytime.
A sudden lull allowed me to get behind better cover, and the sniping started again. Me and the mystery shooter packed away furiously, each unable to hit the other. I then saw one of the parents crawling up the hill commando style, gun blazing at the main trench. It was one of the bravest things I have ever seen. Then I had my chance arrive.
The mystery man, obviously awestruck by the masked woman crawling up the hill regardless of a potential welt, stood up slightly to get a better view. I then rose slowly, firing three shots in quick succession. The third struck home and he went down in a heap't think of the word but you know what I'm thinking of.
The stillness after he went down stunned me, and I didn't know whether or not everyone was shot. A pair of hands then went up form the main trench, the last person holding out surrendering. A glorious day indeed.
I later got a wonderful shot through a 2 inch opening, totally fluke but beautiful nonetheless. The shot squeezed between the crack in a window, and struck a enemy player in the back of the head. Got a good laugh out of that.
Anyway, thus ends today's story, I shall write again soon enough, but as of right now I am suffering from eyestrain and must rest them. Maybe I'll watch a movie....

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Hi Jeremy this is me Stephan. Your blog is cool except i only read the first paragraph. It's really long so i probly won't be able to read it all without falling asleep. Maybe next time i will be able to read the second paragraph.