Thursday, April 5, 2007

Le New School

New things are scary. You know as well as I do that not all new things may be scary, but a handy majority have you thinking that this could be bad. Seriously, that is the number one reason why people don't like to do new things: it's just too scary. Now that I thoroughly have you thinking and believing that new things are scary, here is my newest blog entry (and don't you dare get scared and run!):
I admit that I am a coward. Yes people, the truth has sprung forward and I am a chicken. I don't like new things (unless they are birthday presents or something, then it's totally awesome!) for really unknown reasons. When I took my drivers training, I was scared. When I got to start my new jobs, I was scared. When I faced down my first drunk at the ESSO, I was understandably frightened. Now with the exception of the latter example, those are pretty minor right? I mean, I look back on those times and say something like "Ha, I can't believe I was scared of that, what a dork I was". One example of this is the day I went to a new school in Debden. It has me laughing to this very day. Here is the story:
Now you have to understand the circumstances before you laugh at me.I am a skinny white boy who is leaving the safety of his hometown to go to another school where I will know absolutely no one. Nada. Add to this the fact I have to get up at 7:15 to get ready for the bus, and you have a tired, cranky and frightened kid.
I also have heard stories of the "Frenchies" athletic abilities, and it is something else. The whole town pretty much played every sport under the sun, and were short but tough, or so the stories go. Now they are what people would call "jocks". I was a certified nerd (you can look at my certificate for Geeks International if you want). Now then, Jocks and Nerds generally don't mix well, and this was yet one more reason to be scared. Throw in an hour long bus ride which gives you much time to think what life will be like after wedgies and swirlies, and you get why I was nervous.
When I got to Debden (the new town), I had no clue where to go. I was like a lost puppy in a large city, scared and needing to pee. I followed my cousin into the school, and slowly found my locker. After that I went to my classroom, which happened to be right by my locker, and sat in a seat I hoped wasn't the property of some large goon. The teacher was a big guy, but I considered him an ally cuz he could stop people beating on me. Then I saw a Toronto Maple Leafs poster and lost all hope in this new school.
It started good enough, I had a few looks that made me uncomfortable, but it was going good. Then came noon. I had successfully held my pee in till now, and on my way to the restroom I met one of my classmates. I had only heard him called "Chief", so as I passed him I said "hey Chief" or something equally as cool. Well, he quickly grabbed me and got into my grill. I now really needed to pee. This is how the following conversation went:
"Why did you call me Chief? Only my homeboys call me that."
"Sorry man, I didn't know, I just heard everyone else call you that."
"Well, I guess you can call me that, but be careful."
"Yes sir, thanks sir, gotta go sir."
OK, so that was the first half. Gym now came. Now I love my sports (I have shed my nerd status), but this meant I had to change with a dozen guys I didn't know. This was a little frightening, since they were all scary looking, lippy kids. The took one look at me without my shirt on and kinda chuckled. Well, we were going to play badminton so I could sit out for a while, as there weren't enough courts for everyone to play. Now I sat against the wall, with a kid named Joel on my right, and beside him was a girl named Tanya. There was also another conversation that went something like this:
"Hey Tanya, do you want to date my good friend Jeremy? He's really swell."
I musta looked horrified, cuz I didn't know Joel or Tanya, so I was understandably nervous. Tanya kinda laughed and told him no. Well, Joel now looked shocked. He quickly answered her silent answer with an outburst of anger and hurt.
"Why not!? Jeremy is awesome. I'd date him in a heartbeat."
Now I don't know about you, but this made me very uncomfortable. It seemed to me that Joel is trying to pick me up, and this wasn't what I normally encounter. He was a good-looking guy to most I'm sure, but not to me. I don't swing that way I guess you would say. Anywho, I quickly shut him down, with a face that must have resembled a tomato, and walked to a safer spot. Yes, I was scared, but it makes me laugh every time I hear it.
Everything has turned out well in Debden for me, school has been great and I've made new friends. However, this first day of school will be a blemish on the French school in my mind. Joel and me still talk, and I have found out he's not 3.25% (think milk), so this is a good thing.
Well, I hope that this story will teach you that new things can be scary, but you will overcome it and see that one day it will help you out. I am a little scared to go to Nipawin Bible School, but its nothing I can't overcome. And when I get scared, I remember this one Bible verse which was given to me by a very dear friend of me (thanks a bundle Linsay, and sorry for not going to movie night!).
Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."


Anonymous said...

JERENY!!! that had to be the funniest story i have read! I can just picture you being this scared little boy...Chief can be scary if you make him mad!!! but hey i was there you knew me! but i will forgive you on that one. I have to say that some of my best childhood memeries involve you! like when you tried to get me to stop crying so you ran into i post and ended up hurting yourself! lol those where some good times! jk it was funny but im sorry that you got hurt you did stop my crying! if that makes you feel better! i have to say that im glad that you are in my class and that you came to debden i sure would have missed you easy way of making people feel better!
all the best

Anonymous said...

*hand clap*
this is pretty sweet jeremy! haha kelso told me to come check this out...and i told tam to check it out. you're pretty much famous now. haha
no but really that's hilarious. i AGREE with you! i'm a coward too. before i got a job i was like "oh..kay...i dont think i can do this....passing grocerys looks tricky..."
or "what if i fail when i drive? if my bro failed three times...what will was bad!"
and now i'm kind of scared for univesrity...but i'm handling it a little better. i just block it from my mind. i doubt that's healthy, but to each their own, right?...all right so maybe it's not healthy.
all right, well. moving on. i just thougth i'd say ur blog was cool. i didnt know what u were takling about the other day when u said u were working on ur blog. now i do.
okay. this is getting too long.
good job.

....go debden frogs.

September said...

Good words.